Amelia Earhart Fellowship

AE 2015 Application | doc
AE 2015 Description | doc
AE 2015 Application Recommendation for University Professors or Supervisors | doc
AE Program Background/Statistics | doc
AE Brochure | pdf
AE 2015 Poster | pdf
AE Sample News Release | individual | current AE Fellow
AE Fellowship Awards Presentation Form | doc
AE Fellowship Recipients | 2014 | Bios
AE Fellowship Recipients by Country of Citizenship | pdf
AE Day Sample Proclamation | doc
AE Month Club Celebration Ideas | pdf | share your story
AE Manual 1938-1983 | pdf
List of Fellows' Schools/Institutes by Country | pdf

Presentation given at the 2014 Convention by AE Fellow
Laura Suarez Henderson | pdf 


Jane M. Klausman Women in Business Scholarship

2014 Scholarship application and materials
JMK 2014 Application | doc  
JMK Program Background/Statistics | pdf  
JMK 2014 Poster | pdf  
JMK Guidelines for Clubs and Districts | pdf  
JMK Evaluation Criteria | Please contact for this information.  
JMK Evaluation Committee Scoring Sheet | doc  
JMK Application Cover Sheet for Governors | doc  
JMK Sample News Releases | announcing applications | announcing recipients  
JMK Sample Certificates | club  
JMK Sample Letter | applicants not selected  
JMK Scholarship Recipients 2013 | list of recipients | Bios  
List of Recipients' Schools/Institutes by Country | pdf  

Young Women in Public Affairs (YWPA) Awards

YWPA Instructions for Saving an Application and Forms | pdf
YWPA 2014 Application | doc
YWPA Program Background Statistics | pdf
YWPA 2014 Poster | pdf
YWPA Guidelines for Clubs and Districts | pdf
YWPA Evaluation Committee Scoring Sheet | doc
YWPA Application Cover Sheet | clubs | governors
YWPA Sample News Releases | announcing applications announcing recipients
YWPA Sample Certificate | pdf
YWPA Sample Letter | applicants selected | applications not selected
YWPA Award International Recipients | 2014 | Bios
2013 District 1 YWPA recipient Habiba Cooper Diallo wins Canada's 2013 Top 20 Under 20 Youth Award | Watch Video
List of Recipients' Schools/Institutes by Country | pdf 

Emma L. Conlon Award

Emma L. Conlon Award Background/Statistics | pdf
Emma L. Conlon Award Application Cover Letter | doc
Sponsoring Z and Golden Z Club Sample News Release | doc
Sponsoring Zonta Club News Release | doc
Emma L. Conlon Award Recipients | 2014
Emma L. Conlon Award Recipients Project Descriptions | Coming Soon