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Where do I find my membership number?
Your membership number can be found on the back of your Zontian magazine above your name on the mailing label. Also included above the mailing label are your district, area and club numbers. If you have discarded your Zontian or did not receive it in the mail, you can contact your club president for your membership number.

Where do I find my club number?
Your club number can be found on the back of your Zontian above your name on the mailing label. The numbers listed include your district number-area number-club number-member ID.

Where can I find my membership list?
Only club presidents and treasurers can access a club’s membership list. For a specific member’s information, use the online directory, which can be found under Member Resources.

How do I add/resign a member?
If a club is resigning a member, they should complete the Member Report Form (Form B). Return the completed form to or via fax +1.630.928.1559, ATTN Member Records.

If a club is adding a new member, they should complete the same form. If they are paying by check/draft/money order, they can mail the form along with their payment to:
Zonta International
1919 Paysphere Circle
Chicago, IL 60674, USA

If they are adding a new member and paying by wire transfer, then they should send Form B to or by fax to +1.630.928.1559, ATTN Member Records.

To remit via International Wire Transfer:
Bank of America, Chicago, IL

Select one of the following options:
Option 1: ABA # 0260-0959-3
                 Account # 5800248873
                 Account # 5800248873

How do I obtain the club mailing?
The club mailing is sent via mail to the International Board, International Committee Members, Past International Presidents, District Leaders and Club Presidents.  All of the information that is included in the club mailing is available on the website under Member Resources.  Select Tools from the menu and then select Club Tools from the navigation bar on the left and you will find the material for the most recent club mailing.

How do I nominate a member for the 30 year length of membership award and Meritorious Service Award?
You can find award nomination forms on the Zonta website. Select Member Resources and then Forms from the menu. Here you will find an alphabetical listing of Zonta forms that you can fill out and submit online.

What is the process for Club/District Amendment to the Zonta International Bylaws?
A member of a Zonta club may recommend to the club for approval proposed changes in Zonta International Bylaws or Rules of Procedure. After club approval, the club may submit the proposal to the district board. If the district board determines that the proposal does not require further study, it shall publish the proposal to all other clubs in that district at least sixty (60) days before district conference and shall submit the proposal to delegates at the conference. The district board may also submit a proposal to the district conference in the same manner. If a majority of voting members and proxies at district conference adopts the proposal, the district secretary shall submit the proposal to the Zonta International Bylaws and Resolutions Committee within thirty (30) days after the conference.

How do I become a member?
Instructions on how you can become a member can be found under the Who We Are portion of the Zonta website. Click on Become a Zontian and Join Zonta. You will find a list of membership requirements, a prospective member questionnaire and a search to locate the club nearest you. Once you’ve determined you meet the requirements, fill out your prospective member form online and a representative from your district will contact you.

Can men join Zonta clubs?

Where do I find the classification codes?
Classification codes can be found by selecting Member Resources from the homepage menu, clicking on Tools and then Membership Tools.

How do I obtain step-by-step information on how to pay international dues?
To guide you through dues payment submission in your native language, dues instruction videos in English, French, German, Italian, Japanese and Spanish are available on our Membership Dues page.

When are Club Officer Contact Forms due?
Club Officer Contact forms are due 1 May of every dues year regardless of change in leadership. Also, these forms can be submitted any time throughout the year with changes or updates to club leadership.

Where can I find Membership Dues Payment forms and information?

Our website has all necessary dues forms and a variety of informational tools available under Member Resources. Forms B and C are located here.

What happens when a Zonta club disbands?
When a Zonta club intends to disband, the area director must be informed. If the club, after taking all necessary steps together with the area director to avoid disbandment, decides to do so, it shall inform the governor, who shall inform the International President and executive director immediately. A formal acknowledgement shall then be sent by the executive director to the last recorded president of the club. The club shall return the club charter to Zonta International. A club shall forfeit all rights to use the word “Zonta,” its emblem, or any of its derivatives and all interest in the funds or property of Zonta International and the district to which the club belongs. The disbanding club shall disburse remaining assets as indicated in the ZI Bylaws (Article IV Section 2d). Club archives shall be referred to the governor or area director.

How do I charter a new club?
In order for a club to begin (charter), the club who is sponsoring the new club needs to complete an Authorization Request for Organizing a New Zonta Club form, which can be obtained by contacting The club needs to appoint an SOM (Sponsored, Organized and Mentored) Committee Chairman to organize the new club. They should send this information directly to or fax it to 630-928-1559. The club needs at least 20 members to charter. The board liaison and governor of the district also need to approve the name for the newly proposed club.

Once Zonta International Headquarters has received the formal request, they will send an information kit to the SOM Chairman with forms for the president to complete and submit to Zonta. The completion of the forms may also involve the club treasurer, as payment will also need to be submitted to officially charter. Information should be submitted directly to or via fax to +1.630.928.1559.

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Z/Golden Z Clubs
How do I begin a Z/Golden Z Club?
Clubs interested in sponsoring a Z and/or Golden Z Club can find information on starting these clubs in the Z and Golden Z Club Manual under Member Resources, Manuals. Students interested in starting a new Z and/or Golden Z Club should contact their local Zonta club.

How can I share a Z or Golden Z club service or advocacy project with other Z and Golden Z Clubs and the Zonta International community?
You can submit Z and Golden Z club success stories via the Share Your Story feature on the ZI website. You can also submit stories and photos to

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Zonta International Foundation
How much should my club/I give to the Foundation?
Contributions to the Zonta International Foundation are voluntary. No club or individual is required to make a contribution; however, the primary purpose of the Foundation is to raise the funds necessary to support Zonta's international service programs. As a guideline, Zonta International Foundation and the Zonta International Board strongly encourage each club to contribute one-third (33%) of all service monies raised locally to the Zonta International Foundation.

How can I make a donation to the Zonta International Foundation?
Donations to the Foundation can be made in a number of ways. Donate online now, or visit the Ways to Give section for information on other methods of giving.

Is my gift to the Foundation tax-deductible?
The Zonta International Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization registered with the Internal Revenue Service in the United States. Contributions are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by US law. Tax deductibility outside the US is dependent on local tax regulations.

What is the role of the District Foundation Ambassador?
The District Foundation Ambassador works with the Foundation Board Liaison, the International Representative to the District Conference and the Governor to ensure that every appropriate opportunity is used to promote the Foundation's goals, in particular for individual giving, and also at the district and club levels. Contact your District Foundation Ambassador.

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Which form does the governor need to fill out and submit to headquarters by 1 September with the District Jane M. Klausman (JMK) application?
The JMK Application Cover Sheet for Governors. Governors can locate this form on the ZI website.

In order to track the number of clubs participating in the Young Women in Public Affairs Award (YWPA) program in your district, which form does the governor need to collect from clubs who submitted a YWPA application?
The YWPA application Cover Sheet for Clubs. Governors can locat this on the ZI website.

When will the governors receive the Amelia Earhart Fellow wings pin and certificate for Fellows attending school in their district?
In August.

When are the applications for the Emma L. Conlon Award due to headquarters?
30 April

How can the governors receive the latest reports on the International Service and ZISVAW projects?
Current and previous reports are located on the ZI website.

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How do I log in to the website?
Much of the information on the Zonta website is accessible to members without logging in. Your username and password are required to Update Your Member Profile or view the Directory. If you do not know your username and password, please contact

If you hold a leadership position at the club, district or international level, you can log in by selecting Member Resources from the menu and clicking on the Leadership Access button. You will then use your Zonta username and password to access protected material.  If you do not know your username and/or password, or do not have leadership access to the website, please contact for additional assistance.

How do I edit my contact information?
You can edit your contact information on the website. Select Member Resources from the home page menu and click on Update Your Member Profile.

How do I locate a club in my area?
The Locate a Club feature can be accessed from the top right corner of any page on the website. Here, you can search by Country, State/Province, City or Club Name, or District.

Where can I locate club information?
You can find club information by clicking on locate a club on the top right of any page on the website.

Where can I find my club and district leadership?
Access the directory under Member Resources for information on club and district leadership.

How do I submit a story about my club's successful advocacy, service or fundraising activities?
Submit your club's success story, photos and/or video for inclusion on the Zonta International website using the share your story feature. Submissions will be reviewed by staff at Headquarters and edited for length and/or content. Please note that depending on the volume of submissions received, not all entries will be included on the website.

How does my club request permission to use the Zonta International emblem/logo?
Clubs and districts are encouraged to use the Zonta club and Zonta district logos to retain the identity of Zonta International. Please see the logos page for more information.

As governor, what form do I need to complete to be granted access to the secure leadership section of the Zonta International website? Who do I send this completed for to?
Sign and return the "Use of Member Information by Zonta Leaders Declaration" to The declarations for both ZI and ZIF can be found on the Zonta International website.

I or other members of my club/district are not receiving the Zonta e-newsletter and other communications from Zonta International. How do I add my email to the distribution list for communications from Zonta International?
Click the "Subscribe" button on the Zonta International website homepage to add your email to ZI's email distribution list. You can also updated your member profile on the ZI website.

Where are the programs located on the ZI website?
The programs are located under What We Do on the website.

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The Zontian Magazine
How do I request a copy of The Zontian?
If you have not received your copy of The Zontian, please check your profile to be sure we have your current address. If you have trouble, please contact

I would prefer to receive and read The Zontian magazine online. How do I remove my name from the distribution list for the printed version of The Zontian magazine?
Send your name, club and preferred email address to to remove your name from the printed distribution list. You will be notified via email when a new issues is available online.

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How many delegates to a biennial Convention may a club elect?
All clubs may have one vote carried by one delegate (or proxy). Clubs exceeding 40 members have two votes and may have two delegates. Clubs exceeding 80 members have three votes and may have three delegates. A club represented by proxy is entitled to exercise its total votes by proxy. A club may carry the total proxy votes from each of two other clubs provided the total votes carried by one club may not exceed five.

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Should you convert other currencies to U.S. dollars on the expense reimbursement form?
No, the accounting department will do the conversion on the date the form is submitted.

Where can you find audited financial statements for Zonta International and Zonta International Foundation?
On the Zonta International Website

To what email address should HQ finance questions be sent?
For HQ finance questions contact

For U.S. districts and clubs, are you required to file a 990 tax return with the IRS each year?
Yes, all nonprofit organizations are required to file a Form 990 with the IRS annually.

For U.S. districts and clubs, where can you obtain a certificate of insurance for club or district events?
  You may contact our insurance agent, Cook & Kocher Insurance Agency, at +1.847.692.9200+1.847.692.9200.

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