The forms listed below have been approved by the Zonta International Board and are in addition to the policies and procedures found in the Zonta International governing documents.
AE Fellowship Awards Presentation Form
Application for 2014-2016 International Committee Position
Authorization for Entering a New Country Form
Authorization Request for Organizing a New Zonta Club Form
Club Bylaws Template
Club Officer Contact Information Form | online
Conflict of Interest Declaration Form - ZI
Conflict of Interest Declaration Form - ZIF
Convention Delegate Registration Form | mail-in | online
Convention Proxy Form | mail-in | online
Credit Card Authorization Form

District Board Member Form
District Committee Chairmen Form
District Conference Report of the Governor Form
District Conference Report Form by International Representative
Donation Form | mail-in | online

Expense Reimbursement Form
Expense Reimbursement Form (District Foundation Ambassadors)



Form 990 Spreadsheet for Group Filing

International Honorary Membership Nomination Form

Logo Request Online Form
Length of Membership Award Nomination Online Form
Mary E. Jenkins 1919 Society RSVP Form
Materials Request Online From
Member Report Form (Form B)

Member Report Form B for Charter Clubs

Membership Dues Payment Transmittal Forms (Form C) 

(renewal) 2014-2015 European | pdf

(renewal) 2014-2015 North American | pdf

(renewal) 2014-2015 Non-North American/Non-European | pdf

(renewal) 2014-2015 European-Non Euro | pdf

 2014-2015 Half-Year Dues Form C

2014-2015 European Half-Year Dues | pdf

2014-2015 North American Half-Year Dues | pdf

2014-2015 Non-North American/Non-European
Half-Year Dues | 

2014-2015 European-Non Euro Half-Year Dues | pdf

Meritorious Service Award Nomination Online Form
Prospective Member Questionnaire Form | mail-in | online
Prospective Member Referral Online Form
Recurring Gift Form | credit | debit

Sample Bookkeeping Worksheets
Suggested Club Committee Assignment Request Form
Suggested Nomination for Club Office Form
Suggested Nomination Form for District Office
Use of Contribution Reports and Donor Information by Leaders Form - ZIF
Use of Member Information by Zonta Leaders Declaration Form - ZI
Use of Member Information by Zonta Leaders Declaration Form - ZIF 
Z Club or Golden Z Club Authorization Form
Z Club or Golden Z Club Disbandment Form
ZIF Contribution History Request Online Form