Agnes M Sigurdardóttir is first woman elected as bishop in Iceland
Message from Zonta International on 5/15/2012 3:11:00 PM

Agnes M Sigurdardóttir is a member of the Zonta Club of Isafjordur, Fjörgyn

Agnes M Sigurdardóttir, the newly elected bishop of the Lutherian Church in Iceland is a member of the Zonta Club of Isafjordur, Fjörgyn. She is the first woman to be elected as bishop in Iceland. 


Agnes was born in the Westfjords in Iceland and has been a pastor and rural dean there for many years. Members of her club are proud of her and wish her all the best on this important post. They expect her to do many good things for the Lutherian Church in Iceland. She is a reliable woman, and she has her heart in the right place and will be a good leader.  The Evangelical Lutherian Church of Iceland is The National Church in Iceland, and the nation is celebrating her election.