2014 Convention Hotel Registration Now Open
Message from Zonta International on 1/28/2013 9:39:00 AM

Reserve your room now for the 2014 Zonta International Convention in Orlando, Florida

2014 Convention Hotel Registration



Preparing for the 2014 Convention in Orlando, hotel registration is now available.  Please click on the link provided below, which will take you to the hotel registration form. 

The rates for rooms, not including taxes, are:

  • Single/Double Rooms: US$169/night
  • Triple Rooms: US$189/night
  • Quad Rooms: US$209/night

The first screen is an Enrollment Guest information form.  Please notice that at the bottom of the form you will need to put in your Zonta member ID number.  Should you be enrolling from a country other than the US, you will not be required to identify a state.  There is also a tab at the top of this screen, Event Information, which will allow you to access additional hotel information.


Following the completion of that screen, you will be able to follow through with hotel registration.  When completing the hotel registration form, please insert your club name in the space for “Organization”.  Please be sure to clearly identify any special needs and requirements you might have. 


Once you complete the hotel registration form and submit, you will receive by e-mail, an event enrollment acknowledgement number.  This number will allow you to go back into your hotel reservation form to double check what you have reserved and make necessary changes, as well as make advance restaurant reservations. In addition to the Enrollment Acknowledgement, you should receive a hotel confirmation of your reservation that will reflect the special needs identified.


The World Center Marriott, the site of the 2014 Convention, is the only convention hotel.  It is a self-contained resort, with many activities for all ages available for your use.


Please remember that although the hotel is within a 15-minute drive from many area attractions, there is no public transportation or routine shuttle service between the World Center Marriott and other local hotels, therefore we recommend that you stay at World Center Marriott for convenient access to convention activities.


Below is the link to hotel reservations:



Should encounter any issues please contact:


Jane Adams, Convention Chairman at 2014conventionchairman@gmail.com or

Alice Chick, Convention Treasurer at  2014conventiontreasurer@gmail.com