International Programs
  International Service Program  

Supports projects that seek to improve the legal, political, economic, educational, and/or health status of women in developing countries or countries in transition. |  LEARN MORE

  ZISVAW Program  

Supports projects that seek to reduce the incidence of violence against women and girls by changing personal and/or political knowledge, attitudes and behaviors. |  LEARN MORE

  Amelia Earhart Fellowships  

Fellowship for women pursuing Ph.D./doctoral degrees in aerospace-related sciences and aerospace-related engineering. LEARN MORE

  Jane M. Klausman Women in Business Scholarships  

Scholarship for women pursuing undergraduate and Master's degrees in business management. | LEARN MORE

  Young Women in Public Affairs (YWPA) Award  

Award established to encourage more young women to participate in public and political life by recognizing them for their volunteer leadership and dedication to the empowerment of women. | LEARN MORE

  Z Clubs and Golden Z Clubs

Clubs for high school, college and university students that focus on leadership development, career exploration and service to promote the status of women. | LEARN MORE