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Amelia Earhart
85 Years

To celebrate Zonta's longest-standing program, we are encouraging donations to the Amelia Earhart Fellowship Fund and the Amelia Earhart Fellowship Endowment Fund throughout 2023 from individuals, or collectively through club donations. There are four featured levels of giving, each corresponding to a significant event or milestone in Amelia Earhart’s life or the Fellowship itself:

US$25 individual donation in commemoration of Amelia Earhart’s age when she received her pilot’s license.

US$38 individual donation in commemoration of the year 1938, the year that Zonta International launched the Zonta International Amelia Earhart Fellowship.

US$85 individual donation in commemoration of the 85th Anniversary of the Zonta International Amelia Earhart Fellowship.

US$10,000 to collectively fund a Fellowship as a Zonta club or individual donor, expanding horizons for women in aerospace engineering and space sciences.

Donors who give specifically for this giving opportunity will be listed below on a special AE 85th Anniversary Honor Roll list.
Donors will also be recognized according to the established donor recognition criteria.

Follow the Flight
Throughout 2023, we will be recognizing our amazing Fellows and the breakthroughs that women around the globe have made in aerospace engineering and space sciences.
From being the first, to discovering the latest, our Fellows expand horizons for all humankind.

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Amelia Earhart 85th Anniversary Honor Roll

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  • Sharon L. Langenbeck
  • Zonta Club of Denver


  • Therese Abela-King
  • Lyn Agnew
  • Holly L. Anderson
  • Diane Balaban
  • Judith Barth
  • Sally S. Bean
  • Annika Bränström
  • Patricia Campbell
  • Lynn R. Cominsky
  • Leonilda Cussotto
  • Christine Dersch
  • Kerry A. Dixon
  • Jo Ann Eder
  • Colleen Farrell
  • Corita Forster
  • Fernanda Gallo Freschi
  • Sally Gordon
  • Setsuko Ino
  • Christine Jackson
  • Phillippa Jacobs-Lory
  • Ellen Karo
  • Judith F. Kautz
  • Kayleen Kill
  • Desirae L. Kirby
  • Marie Korenstein
  • Gail J. Ladner
  • Rhea Liem
  • Marta Lindrose
  • Elisa Lombardi
  • Elizabeth Marsh
  • Nancy L. McCulloch
  • Mari McKenzie
  • Kathryn L. Meyer
  • Dorte M. Olesen
  • Jo-Ann O'Neil
  • Chavali P. Osathanugrah
  • Adriana Otero
  • Terri A. Otley
  • Deborah Otlowski
  • Marcella L. O'Toole
  • Denise Parrish
  • Yasuko Sato
  • Michelle Schultz
  • Pamela Staves
  • Linda Watanabe
  • Caroline Wilkins
  • Yana Yaneva-Gencheva
  • District 12
  • Zonta Club of Adelaide Inc.
  • Zonta Club of Adelaide Torrens Inc.
  • Zonta Club of Brisbane South Inc.
  • Zonta e-Club of Canada1
  • Zonta Club of Christchurch-Canterbury
  • Zonta Club of Everett
  • Zonta Club of Greater Queens
  • Zonta Club of Hamilton 1
  • Zonta Club of Helsinki IV
  • Zonta Club of Jamestown, NY
  • Zonta Club of Kitchener-Waterloo
  • Zonta Club of London
  • Zonta Club of Long Island
  • Zonta Club of Lumen
  • Zonta Club of Mankato
  • Zonta Club of Memphis
  • Zonta Club of Miami Lakes Area
  • Zonta Club of Milano-Sant Ambrogio
  • Zonta Club of Milford
  • Zonta Club of Nimes-Romaines
  • Zonta Club of Pontiac-North Oakland
  • Zonta Club of Reggio Emilia Area
  • Zonta Club of South Puget Sound
  • Zonta Club of Stanthorpe Inc.
  • Zonta Club of The Principality of Monaco
  • Zonta Club of Tokushima
  • Zonta Club of Trosa
  • Zonta Club of Washington, DC


  • Deborah Beatty
  • Cathryn Conley
  • Shelli Cutting
  • Connie Davis
  • Rae Ann Dougherty
  • Joanne Gallos
  • Genelle Hanken
  • Karin Henckes
  • Nancy Hewett
  • Ann Hodgson
  • Veronica Hoegler
  • Ann C. Horrocks
  • Karen L. Jenkin
  • Anja Kuosa
  • Zelinda Legge
  • Christina Maurais
  • Helena Miller
  • Tiia Oopik
  • Marnie J. Piggot
  • Megan Radavich
  • Ansmarie Van Erp
  • Pat Vann
  • Marcia Walker
  • Zonta Club of Sanremo


  • Mary U. Benoit
  • Sherri Brown
  • Debra A. Elmegreen
  • Gwen Fornia
  • Liz Groothof Croddy
  • Dottie Jenkins
  • Jahnavi Kantharaju
  • Jo Ann Krauskopf
  • Helja Laakso
  • Cheryl MacGregor
  • Edith Ignacio Neumiller
  • Donna Sroka
  • Cheryl Trudeau
  • Zonta Club of Pocatello

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