He For She: Engaging Men to Achieve Gender Equality

In September 2017, and following up the direction approved by the 2016 Convention, 2016-2018 Zonta International President Sonja Hönig Schough announced Zonta International’s support for UN Women’s HeForShe campaign, a global movement that aims to mobilize 1 billion men to accelerate the achievement of gender equality. Through innovative online, offline and mobile phone technology, HeForShe identifies and activates men and boys in every city, community and village around the world. 

Recognizing that gender equality is not a women’s issue, but a human rights issue, it provides education and tools to help men and boys to identify what matters to them and what they will do to contribute to gender equality. Individuals, organizations and students can take advantage of the tool kits that facilitate the transition from awareness to action, and thus increase the participation and commitment of men and boys to change the world and to achieve gender equality in this 21st century!

Take Action

Zonta clubs are encouraged to use the HeForShe platform to engage men and boys in their communities to join Zonta International as equal partners in our mission to empower women and girls and achieve gender equality. 

Follow these five easy steps to run a HeForShe commitment drive in your local community.  

  1. Visit the HeForShe website to familiarize yourself with the campaign. 

  2. Create an action plan. 
    1. Identify who you will approach in the community – government officials, civic and business leaders, firemen, policemen, teachers and others.
    2. Set a schedule and assign members to different roles. 
  3. Prepare talking points on the HeForShe campaign and why Zonta International is engaging men in support of the HeForShe campaign. Be sure to include information about Zonta International and your local Zonta club. 

  4. Download print-ready HeForShe posters and social media assets to support your actions and share with the men you speak to. 

  5. Use a tablet or laptop to invite men and women to make the commitment at www.HeForShe.org or use commitment cards or the commitment sheet provided in the HeForShe toolkits. 

With nearly 1,200 Zonta clubs in 63 countries all over the world, we can make a significant impact in raising awareness and engaging men and boys to achieve gender equality.