Five 2017 Amelia Earhart Fellows recognized at celebration dinner

18 January 2018

Five 2017 Amelia Earhart Fellows recognized at celebration dinner

Photo from left to right: Rita Neves, Audrey Gaymann, Governor Gabriele Bruebach, Dafne Gaviria Arcila, Francesca de Domenico, Garazi Gomez de Segura and Amelia Earhart Committee Chairman Britt Gustawsson

A celebration dinner was held in London on 12 January to celebrate five 2017 Amelia Earhart Fellows receiving their pins and diploma from the hands of District 29 Governor Gabriele Bruebach

Francesca de Domenico, Dafne Gaviria Arcila, Audrey Gaymann, Garazi Gomez de Segura and Rita Neves are all working on their Ph.D. in aeronautical sciences and engineering at universities in England. 

Joining the five new fellows were seven former fellows and together with Zontians from the London II and the Guildford clubs, there were a total of 30 guests who enjoyed the evening. 

Each of the women made a short speech explaining the gist of their current research. 

D29 Chairman of the Amelia Earhart Committee, Britt Gustawsson said the women are all very impressive with their research work and their impact on this traditionally male-dominated field. 

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