The Zonta Club of Lagos 1 reflects on events during biennium

22 March 2018

The Zonta Club of Lagos 1 reflects on events during biennium

During the 2016-2018 biennium, members of the Zonta Club of Lagos 1 in Nigeria have hosted many activities to help enhance the lives of the girls in their community.

Much of their work focuses on educating young girls. In 2016, the club successfully recognized International Day of the Girl Child by hosting a panel discussion for Nigerian school girls. 1,000 girls listened to women speak on a variety of topics. For the second year in a row, the club held an event to celebrate Amelia Earhart day by informing school girls of the different career paths that are available for women in aviation.  

As a tradition, the Zonta Club of Lagos 1 also holds health screening days in underprivileged communities. A variety of doctors support the days by giving their time and free medical support and medicine.

In January 2018 the club began a new project – hosting a fair for underprivileged children. Club members said this was the first time some of the children tasted cotton candy or went on a slide. Ulrike Schmueser, the club president, said it was a highly appreciated community event.

To continue raising awareness, the club produced a video as a fundraiser as well as an advocacy tool. Members will produce cds to use as a fundraising tool as well as send the online video to possible donors.

Club members also try to consistently advertise the Zonta Says NO to Violence Against Women campaign by handing out wristbands.