Zonta Club of Beirut hosts conference focused on ending child marriage

25 August 2019

Zonta Club of Beirut hosts conference focused on ending child marriage

The Zonta Club of Beirut recently held a conference focusing on Zonta's mission to end child marriage.

A panel discussion with District 14 Governor Ina Wasserling as mediator between a specialized doctor in reproductive health issues and one of the most female activists against child marriage was part of the larger conference presented by the District 14 club.

Discussion between the panel and the public also took place at the event.

The president of the Zonta Club of Beirut, Wafaa Daou, spoke to the crowd about Zonta’s dedication to ending child marriage.

“The conference today is to confirm that Zonta in Lebanon and the world, with the support and support of all the attendees, stands up to say: No marriage for minors,” she said in her speech. “Zonta calls for a world in which women's rights are recognized as human rights, where every woman has the capacity to realize her full potential free of fear, triumphant of violence, equal in opportunities.”

The conclusion following the discussion was that Lebanon has a specific age for marriage or a civil law regulating personal status. Participants and Zonta members found it surprising that some legal judges organize marriage contracts for underage girls under the guise of the authority of the religious judiciary. Early marriage is also linked to mental health, leading to poor mental health for young housewives because of their responsibilities and violence and abuse. Thus, early marriage results go beyond the private family to the entire community and healthy society in light of this phenomenon.

Zonta club members advocated for rejecting the legitimization of the marriage of minors in the name of religion, customs and traditions.

Early marriage has several effects on the life of the couple, especially the girl, including a denial of the right to education and to work.