Zonta Club of Bjäre launches “My body, my health” program

11 May 2018

Zonta Club of Bjäre launches “My body, my health” program

Members of the Zonta Club of Bjäre, District 21, have started a program to help refugee women learn more about their health. The program is called “My body, my health” and was created in partnership with local authorities.

The Zonta Club of Bjäre and Båstads municipality received over US$20K from Region Skåne, regional health authorities, to finance the project. Båstads municipality has hired Douaa Sadek to be the project leader and Zonta club members are helping to provide knowledge and contacts. The group meets once a week or more and has met for a total of 40 times.

The program aims to inform the women on a variety of topics, such as preventive health, dentistry, pharmacy, gynecology, duties and privileges in Sweden, first aid training, self-defense courses, swimming lessons, massage, cooking, gym classes and more.

Sometimes an external resource is brought in during the meetings but most often Zonta club members lead the sessions. At first, many of the women were shy, but now there are good discussions between members and attendees. Many of the refugee women also speak any Swedish they know, although many of them have been there three years or less. 

Zonta club members say this program is a win-win situation because families benefit from the knowledge the women now possess.