Zonta Club of Greater Rizal 1 collaborates to host medical services event

13 September 2019

Zonta Club of Greater Rizal 1 collaborates to host medical services event

An OB-GYN medical mission, called “Kalusugang Pangkababaihan,” was successfully carried out in August through the collaborative efforts of like-minded organizations spearheaded by the Zonta Club of Greater Rizal 1, District 17 in the Philippines, and the Rotary Club of Ortigas Center.

The mission was held in the Alitagtag Municipal Hall in cooperation with Kalusugan ng Kababaihang Pangkabayanan, Inc., NPK Medical Trading, and the Municipality of Alitagtag, in the province of Batangas in the Philippines. 

Club members were joined by 200 young female senior high school students and 231 marginalized women of Alitagtag, Batangas Philippines. About 50 members from both the Zonta club and Rotary club attended.

Lectures promoting women’s wellness, specifically the prevention of teenage pregnancy and female hygiene, were offered. In addition, OB-GYN services such as pre-natal check-ups and ultrasound, breast examination, cervical cancer screening and prevention, pelvic and vaginal ultrasound, biopsy, and gynecologic consultations were given to pregnant and non-pregnant women.                                                                                                                                             

The participants not only listened to health education lectures that focused on women’s health and wellness but also learned about ultrasounds for pregnancy and breast feeding.

KnKP Inc. also provided free ultrasounds where official reports and picture were given to pregnant and non-pregnant women. Official reports of non-pregnant women were only given for abnormal findings. 

After the ultrasound and physical examinations were done, the participants received prenatal and gynecological consultations wherein the ultrasound reports were explained and recommendations and advice were given accordingly. 

Available medicines and other necessary prescriptions were also distributed.