Zonta clubs collaborate to stand against violence

6 January 2017

Zonta clubs collaborate to stand against violence


The Zonta e-Club of Uruguay organized an event inspired at the Convention in Nice called “Carteras Solidarias.” The e-Club invited the Zonta Club of Montevideo and Zonta Club of Punta del Este–Maldonado to join in participation.

The three clubs worked together from 10 o’clock in the morning to 6 o’clock in the afternoon in Maldonado City Main Square. The clubs took a stand at an outdoor fair where Zontians and friends took the handbags they were not used to be sold, and they did so at very good prices.

The sale was a real success. Practically all of the bags were sold and women wanted to know when we are going to repeat the sale.

Zontians took the opportunity to inform people about the different activities accomplished by Zonta, not only locally, but all over the world. It was  an economically profitable, enjoyable and cultural activity. Musical groups played very nice and modern pieces while people sang and danced.

It was a very successful activity where we exchanged our experiences.    

The Zonta Club of Punta del Este-Maldonado organized a free drawing competition under the title “Violence in Society." This activity took place at four special schools devoted to children with disabilities. A Zonta 2017 calendar was created to highlight important Zonta dates and also those related to health and human rights. Each month showcases the artistic pieces of drawing made by the children. This has made people conscious about violence against women and child abuse.