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Zonta International Leadership Resources
Zonta International is committed to the ongoing growth and development in knowledge and competencies of Zonta leaders at all levels of the organization to support effectiveness and relevance for today and tomorrow. This site has four different sections of tools and resources for our members and leaders:
Zonta Leadership Program
Established during the 2014-2016 Biennium, the Zonta Leadership Program is designed to provide Zonta members with organizational knowledge, personal and professional development and opportunities to expand their leadership.

As an initiative, the Zonta Leadership Program will continue to expand and members are encouraged to visit the site by clicking on the button below or here:  Zonta Leadership Program.

Zonta Leadership Program

Build a Better Club - Member to Member Resources
Globally, Zonta members have created training materials and presentations to build better clubs. These items are available to you for club use. If you would like to submit a resource item, please email it to Note, the International Leadership Development Committee may make adjustments to meet brand standards.
We accept presentations in all languages.

Below are the items currently available.
  • Area Directors Presentation | PPT
  • Club President Orientation Session 1 | Password: 2s*@@#&d | LINK
  • Club President Orientation Session 2 | Password: 4u%m=z4j | LINK
  • Effective club communications | YOUTUBE
  • Having difficult conversations: Effective conflict resolution in organizations | YOUTUBE
  • Presiding with presence | YOUTUBE
  • President's Companion | PDF
How-to Tools and Techniques

These tools and techniques help Zonta members improve club effectiveness and efficiency. 

  • Communicate Effectively Through Email | PDF
  • Create a Presentation | PDF
  • Club Officer Training Template | PPT
  • Make a PowerPoint Slides into a Video | LINK
  • Add Speak to PowerPoint | LINK
  • 501(c)3 Organizations | LINK
  • Tax Status for U.S. Clubs | LINK
  • Form 990 Filings webinar | YOUTUBE
  • Engaging people through emotions - Public Speech Training | LINK
Personal Development Library

The Personal Development Library is a collection of articles, books and videos recommended by the Leadership Development Committee to inspire you to grow as a leader. 
If you would like to submit a resource item, please email

  • Ethics for People on the Move - Catharyn Baird | YOUTUBE
    What are the anchors of an ethical life? In this informative talk, ethics maven Catharyn Baird explores the roots of how we think of an ethical life, and how to use them to build strong communities.
  • How to be a great mentor | LINK
    Kenneth Ortiz shares his thoughts and wisdom on what is needed to develop successful mentor relationships to raise up the next level of leaders around us.
  • Leadership Strategies - The Facilitation Company | WEBSITE
  • Mentoring Toolkit | PDF
    This activity invites you to look back on your life to identify past mentors and reflect on the characteristics and behaviors that helped make the mentoring relationship successful.
  • NextGen Leaders: 1) Mind the leadership gap | LINK
    By: Lianne Picot (used with permission)
  • NextGen Leaders: 2) How to future proof your organization | LINK
    By: Lianne Picot (used with permission)
  • NextGen Leaders: 3) Why you will never "become" a leader | LINK
    By: Lianne Picot (used with permission)
  • NextGen Leaders: 4) Seven tips for overcoming Impostor Syndrome | LINK
    By: Lianne Picot (used with permission)
  • NextGen Leaders: 5) Six ways to make room for the next generation of leaders | LINK
    By: Lianne Picot (used with permission)
  • Resources for Mentoring Programs | LINK
    The National Mentoring Resource Center provides a collection of mentoring handbooks, curricula, manuals, and other resources that practitioners can use to implement and further develop program practices.
  • Science of Mentorship | Shawn Blanchard | TEDxMuskegon | YOUTUBE
    From this engaging talk and diagrams you will walk away with the what, why, when, and how the Science of Mentorship works
  • The 2017 Millennial Impact Report | PDF
    A Year in Review: An Invigorated Generation for Causes and Social Issues
  • Research by Achieve, supported by The Case Foundation | Understanding the UN Sustainable Development Goals | LINK
    Within this course, you will get a historical overview of how sustainability has been understood, as well as a thorough introduction to the SDGs – what they are, how progress can be measured, and how the SDGs are relevant for the management of the global systems supporting humanity. The course is designed and taught by Professor Katherine Richardson.