AE Fellow becomes young professional member

After being named an Amelia Earhart Fellowship recipient in 2017, Marie McBride has officially become a member of the Zonta Club of Indianapolis.

Marie is a Ph.D. student at Purdue University and is working toward her goal of earning her doctorate in Planetary Science.  Her dream is to become the first woman astronaut to walk on the surface of the moon.  

After meeting Marie at the 2018 District 6 Fall Conference, the Zonta Club of Indianapolis Membership Chair invited her to attend a club meeting as a guest.  Marie attended several meetings and was even a guest speaker at one.  It was explained to her that as a Young Professional there would be a discount on her dues and ultimately, Marie decided to join the club.  She was officially inducted at the June club meeting.

Members of the Zonta Club of Indianapolis, District 6, said they are excited to welcome her to their club.

Marie's Indianapolis Zonta sisters are her biggest cheerleaders and everyone is thrilled to have her as one of their newest members.