Creating a future free of violence

Z club and Golden Z club students are laying the groundwork for a safer and empowered future that they themselves will own. Since the launch of the Zonta Says NO to Violence Against Women campaign, Zonta student clubs have been partnering with their sponsor clubs and the impact of the actions is seen within the larger community. Through these youth ambassadors, the message of Zonta Says NO reaches larger groups of youth who may not know the signs of violence, their rights to say no and the resources to get help and get out of a violent situation.

Highlighted here are just some of the many stories that are submitted each year to the Zonta Says NO to Violence Against Women campaign. We look forward to seeing how these student groups will continue to change their landscape to ensure a future, free of gender-based violence.

Last year, the Golden Z Club of Young Luxembourg teamed up with their sponsor club, the Zonta Club of Luxembourg, to host “Orange Week” featuring a march, several demonstrations, trivia nights and other events that connected directly to their community. During the march, Maria Teresa, Grand Duchess of Luxembourg, spoke in solidarity against gender-based violence.

Z clubs and Golden Z clubs from Taguig City University and Philippine Women’s University joined the Zonta Club of Makati & Environs in the Philippines and other clubs from District 17, Area 5, in taking a stand to end violence against women. The Zontians and students spent an afternoon last November at the historic Intramuros grounds in Manila. One by one, the different groups came forward to entertain the crowd with a talent show of song, dance and drama numbers.

The Zonta Club of Melbourne, USA, District 11, also involved high school students in its efforts. Members of the Melbourne High School Z Club arranged for their school’s electronic billboard to encourage students to wear orange and coordinated a presentation with their sheriff and a human trafficking survivor to speak to the students.

By demonstrating the value of Zonta in the community, new Z clubs and Golden Z clubs have formed as a result of Zonta Says NO campaign events. After screening a documentary about the role of women, the Zonta Club of Lagos, Nigeria hosted an interactive session where students asked questions about leadership and societal perceptions around gender equality, women’s leadership and challenges of patriarchy and gender-based violence in Nigeria. More than 70 percent of the girls in attendance signified their interest in joining the Z club in the school and were encouraged to sign up.

24 NOVEMBER 2020