International President Ute Shares Message following Nova Scotia Wildfires

Dear Zontians,

Our fellow Zontians of District 1 and their communities are in our hearts as we receive the ongoing news of the wildfires that have been burning in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Many Zontians reside in the province and surrounding areas. We have reached out to members who have reported their experiences. Hundreds of homes have been destroyed, neighborhoods and elder care facilities have been evacuated, and the air quality of the surrounding areas has been highly compromised. 

What we are hearing and seeing from the news and first-hand accounts leaves us concerned for not only our fellow Zontians, but for all people affected, especially women and girls. As with all instances of disaster, many of you want to know how to help. If you choose to contribute to a relief fund, we encourage you to do so with an established agency to ensure your contributions are used properly or, you may wait to see if District 1 establishes a path for support at the district level. If something can be done, we will share that information with the Zonta district governors.

We will continue to keep all Zontians and their families, friends, and neighbors in our thoughts as they face very challenging days ahead. If you have any questions, please email [email protected].


With best regards,
Ute Scholz
Zonta International President

31 May 2023