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Remarkable Women Powerful Stories

Be Zonta's guest to hear the remarkable, personal story of one great woman and learn from her reflections on leadership, success and the path she has forged. Gain insights on what it takes to meet the challenges of a profession while breaking down barriers, managing family life, and advocating for a cause. Explore the keys to growing resilience, self-belief, courage and leadership skills to achieve that breakthrough you may need in your own career and life.

Remarkable Women Powerful Stories is a leadership series hosted by Lynne Foley OAM. Each month, hear a remarkable woman share her achievements and personal story.

The story does not end here, but continues with each of you, bringing your own ideas to the series and back to your communities. Together, we are remarkable.
Beginning in 2022, our remarkable women's stories will be shared on demand on the last Thursday of each month. To hear past guest's stories, please see below!

On 27 January, meet our next remarkable woman: Laura Ballerini
Pursuing Master of Philosophy in Development Economics, St Antony’s College, University of Oxford, United Kingdom
Holds bachelor’s degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Netherlands

Laura Ballerini developed a strong interest in economics and statistics while earning her bachelor’s degree. She applied for a Master of Philosophy at the University of Oxford after an exchange semester in Shanghai, which further fueled her interest in development economics. She believes the program will further enrich her knowledge of economics and allow her to illuminate and unpack complex development and global health issues. Laura also plans to continue cultivating her passion for statistics and advancing her qualitative and quantitative research skills by doing field research in Kenya.  

Growing up in Italy during the refugee crisis, Laura developed a profound interest in conflicts, power struggles and forced migration. This urge led her to apply as a business student consultant for the social enterprise Forward Incubator, where she worked with a Syrian entrepreneur. Together, they set up Mpowerment, a training agency that facilitates the integration of blue-collar refugee workers in the Dutch labor market. She served as chairwoman of the Student Ambassador Board at Forward Incubator and was responsible for designing a student handbook, organizing informational events on refugee entrepreneurs, and recruiting incoming business student consultants. Last summer, Laura interned for Africa’s Voices Foundation, where she analyzed data on how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the lives of Kenyan citizens. She has also worked as a tutor assistant at her university and was previously a contributor for Il Giorno, an Italian daily newspaper. 

Laura’s goal is to bring her knowledge outside the university walls and put it to use in the business world. She aspires to enter a career in which she can combine her natural affinity for business with her talent for economics and her interest in development issues. 

Registration is not required to hear Laura's story. Visit us on 27 January to hear on demand what makes her remarkable!

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Meet our host: Lynne Foley, OAM

“I channel my energy into influencing and supporting each woman I meet to be empowered to reach her aspirations. I intend my legacy to be the contribution I make to achieving gender equality, through opening doors to education for women and girls.”

An exciting motivational speaker, Lynne Foley, OAM, is passionate about leaving her audience with new ideas, thoughts and challenges and full of confidence to break through personal and professional barriers. She works professionally by facilitating leadership programs for individuals and organizations whose mission is to empower women and men through personal and leadership development. Lynne is an accredited and highly respected executive coach, speaker, consultant and educator, gaining her experience through successful executive leadership, consulting, board chair and director roles. As chairman of the 2020-2022 Zonta International Leadership Development Committee Lynne implements the organization’s global strategy to meet the leadership needs of members, clubs and districts  facilitates at conferences and workshops.

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