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September's remarkable woman: Lindy Elkins-Tanton


Meet our next remarkable woman: Emma Lehbib 

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Meet our next remarkable woman: Emma Lehbib

With a desire to initiate a project at her school that would also affect the world outside school, Emma Lehbib, with the group HBG Against Slavery, initiated several campaigns that drew attention to the inhumane treatments of refugees in Libya and raised €1,000 (approximately US$1,173) for the International Organization for Migration. The next year, Emma helped take the lead of the group, which they renamed to HBG for Human Rights. They organized a charity run and raised more than €5,000 (approximately US$5,867) for an orphanage in South Africa. The money allowed the orphanage to finish building an educational establishment and still have a budget for future projects or the ability to care for more children.

Emma learned important skills as a leader in political simulations such as the Model European Parliament (MEP) and Elephant Model United Nations (ELMUN). She helped to organize a conference for 130 students as part of her role with MEP; and, as secretary general of ELMUN, an international summit of 200 students, Emma guided the General Secretariat and the staff team. For both conferences, she was partially responsible for finding sponsorships and accommodations, coordinating applications and training the chair team. She was also part of her school’s student council.

Currently, Emma studies International and European Law at the University of Groningen, Netherlands. She works for an NGO and is part of the Sahrawi Diaspora in Germany. Together with her colleagues, she is organizing demonstrations, moderates events and plans campaigns to liberate Western Sahara from the Moroccan occupying power. In the future, she wants to pursue a career in academia and politics. She is also a 2020 Zonta International Young Women in Public Affairs Awardee.

Meet our host: Lynne Foley, OAM

“I channel my energy into influencing and supporting each woman I meet to be empowered to reach her aspirations. I intend my legacy to be the contribution I make to achieving gender equality, through opening doors to education for women and girls.”

An exciting motivational speaker, Lynne Foley, OAM, is passionate about leaving her audience with new ideas, thoughts and challenges and full of confidence to break through personal and professional barriers. She works professionally by facilitating leadership programs for individuals and organizations whose mission is to empower women and men through personal and leadership development. Lynne is an accredited and highly respected executive coach, speaker, consultant and educator, gaining her experience through successful executive leadership, consulting, board chair and director roles. As chairman of the 2020-2022 Zonta International Leadership Development Committee Lynne implements the organization’s global strategy to meet the leadership needs of members, clubs and districts  facilitates at conferences and workshops.

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