Zonta Club of Adelaide Torrens Says NOW with sustainable fashion

To engage women across four generations about sustainable fashion, the Zonta Club of Adelaide Torrens Inc, Australia, held two Camilla Louise fashion parades, with the most recent event held in August.

With attendees aged 1 to 93-years-old, the events aligned with Zonta Says NOW to Gender-Equal Climate Action and created an impact activity, which led to greater visibility of the club and connecting with community members previously unaware of Zonta.

Like many others, the club's membership is aging and declining. Therefore, it is crucial to have greater visibility and community engagement to attract the next generation of women dedicated to empowering women and girls. One way the club achieved this goal is by organizing an event focusing on sustainability and climate action, which can help attract younger members.

The event was enjoyed by 70 guests and 30 volunteers of a multi-generational modeling team and the catering team.

The club achieved the following goals:

  1. Raised the profile of Zonta within their community.
  2. Demonstrated the beauty and value in recycled clothing as a Zonta Says NOW to gender-equal climate action.
  3. Fostered positive friendships.
  4. Facilitated self-development for women of all ages.
  5. Showed fashion for women of all ages and body shapes and promoted a positive body image message.
  6. Offered women the opportunity to stretch their comfort zones.
  7. Fundraised for service projects.

Every time women get together to advocate for other women, then, by default, the club is building a better place for women and girls.

As Zontians, the club believes that is what they do now, what they have done in the past and what they will continue to do into the future so that the world does not hand down gender inequities to daughters and granddaughters.