District 15 Zontians celebrate advocacy day in Michigan Capitol

Zontians from District 15 in Michigan and Ontario celebrated Advocacy Day on 4 December in the state capitol in Lansing, Michigan.

The day began with a briefing on child marriage statistics in Michigan. The assembly then went to the capitol for a press conference and meetings with legislators. Press releases were also sent statewide.

Representative Kara Hope, who is a cosponsor of one of the bills to end child marriage and Representative Daire Rendon, who sits on the judiciary committee, came to the legislative briefing. 

District 15 Governor-Elect Deanna Cambridge joined Representative Sarah Anthony at a press conference bringing attention to the issue. Representative Anthony welcomed Zontians to the House gallery during the legislative session. 

Members will follow up with their representatives and their staff with thank you notes, reminders, calls, and emails. And, thanks to Unchained at Last, members have postcards they can send that reference the bill.

According to Governor-Elect Deanna Cambridge, these are simple ideas that can be accomplished at a regular business meeting of the club.