Wenzao Golden Z Club advocates for migrant workers in Taiwan

As a global organization that aims to empower women worldwide, the Wenzao Golden Z Club focuses on the issues of women migrant workers. 

In Taiwan, there are over 700,000 foreign laborers, mostly from Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines, who tend to be employed in factories, caregiving shelters and fishing industries. While migrant workers have been making great contributions to the growth and development of the country, they are still facing many challenges and problems. For example, language barriers, cultural differences and workplace problems are the common challenges that migrant workers encounter. Many of them may even face racial discrimination or prejudice. 

On 28 April, in cooperation with One-Forty, Wenzao Golden Z Club held a seminar on campus, hoping to increase the awareness of the young generation about the specific issue and build a more inclusive society. Kevin Chen, the founder of One-Forty, was invited to share his perspectives, achievements and future goals. This non-profit organization has been devoted to the well-being of Southeast Asian migrants in Taiwan through education since 2015. 

“We hope to make every migrant’s journey worthy and inspiring,” said Kevin Chen, the founder of One-Forty. More than 120 students attended the event. Many of them found it a great opportunity to better understand the situations of migrants in Taiwan. 

Wenzao Golden Z Club believes that, not only women, but the migrant workers, as a disadvantageous group, should also be treated equally and fairly in our society. They should be granted the same right to access all resources so as to develop their full potential. Let’s empower more females around the world and realize the core value of Zonta.