Zonta Club of Sables d'Olonne shares words from new members

The Zonta Club of Sables d'Olonne, France, has been mobilizing to publicize Zonta's actions through Facebook and Instagram. The club recruited two new members: Roselyne Birotheau and Annick Casson. With this fantastic news, here are a few lines that the new members wrote about why the joined Zonta. 

Roselyne Birotheau said, "Manager of a construction company and mother of 2 young girls, working for the values of the place of women in society is obvious. The structure, dynamism and diversity of Zonta, both in its local and international missions, immediately attracted me. Enterprising and optimistic, I hope with all my heart that I can make the best possible contribution to this cause with the pleasure of discussions and the richness of meetings!"

Annick Casson said, “Mom, from a large modest family, was 20 years old in 1968. From her I inherited the courage to fight for a cause that I consider fair but also respect for others, kindness and compassion. solidarity... So I chose and I still exercise with happiness a profession that combines rehabilitation with the care of the other and it seemed obvious to me, when Danielle, my Zonta’s Godmother, mentioned the possibility of joining Zonta, to be a candidate! Indeed, while joining a team of dynamic women, concerned by the cause of women, I would try to contribute to the improvement of their cause throughout the world. And this with the aim of: That women have the freedom of thought, expression and education is fundamental to me. May little girls around the world have the right to grow up, to study in peace, to express their opinion and to decide their future without being mutilated, forced into marriage, under the yoke of men... That women in the street are no longer left behind... That women remain in control of their bodies, which should not be cashed in or used for profit or advertising... That   their fathers, brothers or partners no longer feel the right of life or death over them... In fact, if it is an adventure, I embark on it with joy and conviction so that things evolve.”