Zonta Club of Alytus brings love and joy to senior home with music

The Zonta Club of Alytus, Lithuania, revisited the residents of the Rumboniai parish retirement home with music with Audronė Venckūnienė, a teacher at the Alytus School of Music.

"It's incredibly good in the heart when the sounds of music take you back to the meadow of your childhood, where flowers bloom, or daddy leads you by the hand or the nightingale calls unexpectedly..." said one of the residents.

Club President Odeta Petraitienė was elated that the club's visit had greatly impacted the retirement home. One of the residents even hugged and kissed Odeta on the cheek with an "I love you" as a show of gratefulness.

The club donated two music receivers to keep the music playing in the residents' rooms.