Zonta Club of Cebu II  and Z Club of Childslink High School spearheads youth environmental forum

With the support of the Zonta Club of Cebu II, the Philippines, the Z Club of Childslink High School organized a youth forum on environmental stewardship. The youth forum is a call for action to stop climate change with the theme: "Climate Action Now: Together Let's Be Part of the Solution." 

The virtual gathering brought together many young environmental enthusiasts from other Z clubs in the area and students from Japan, Taiwan and Singapore. To make their generation a part of the solution to climate change, they all agreed that they need to mitigate, educate and take action as a community on the global level.

During the forum, the participants shared best practices to mitigate climate change and pledged unanimous support to stop climate change through awareness of the issue and using education as a platform for change. Some of the suggests made was to include climate literacy in schools and promote STEM studies to allow their peers to understand the issue better and make valuable contributions to climate action.

The forum also included a Reader's Theater section where the student club featured literary pieces created by the students with the theme: "Love for the Environment." Some of the Z Club members premiered a video to express the importance of sustaining Mother Nature for future generations. They conceptualized, wrote and produced the video with the assistance and guidance of the Zonta club.

Overall, the forum was a great success. The Z Club wanted to provide a platform for young climate activists, leaders, youth organizations, and stakeholders to discuss climate change issues and how to take action. It was also an opportunity to empower the youth to implement measures and innovative solutions.