Zonta Club of Chang-Hua awards Zonta Scholarship

The Zonta Club of Chang-Hua, Taiwan, held their annual Zonta Scholarship Award ceremony on 18 September. 

Due to COVID-19, many low-income families in Taiwan have suffered economic blows. Therefore, the scholarships' bonuses and awards were increased and corresponded to District 31's biennial service goal, Zonta Gives Love to Taiwan New Immigrants. The club wanted to strengthen support and care for immigrant students and increase priority scholarship quotes for them. 

Throughout the year, the club hosted many events to encourage their community to support the new immigrants. One of them was the Asian Food Cooking Competition the club held last November. The event's goals were to showcase the immigrants' talent and bring multiculturalism. Events like this helped promote to the immigrant community about the club's scholarships. 

This year, the pool of scholarship applicants exceeded expectations. There were 17 recipients this year, five of whom were second generation Taiwanese. Club president Su-Er made a speech to introduce Zonta's mission and spirit, highlight the recipients' outstanding performances and encourage the students to think positively and know their value.

The club would like to thank District 31, Area 2 Director Meng-Rong Ho and the Zonta Club of Taichung III President Li-Chuan Chiang for their participation.