Zonta Club of Dhaka IV creates training program for garment workers

Bangladesh is currently lacking skilled labor in the ready-made garment sector. To empower women in obtaining the skills needed for these jobs, the Zonta Club of Dhaka IV organized a skills development and vocational training for 25 women garment workers in September 2020. 

One of the women who joined the professional training, Julekh, shared how her family was struggling financially. However, now that she earns a better salary, she feels empowered to help her family and to even invest in her own future. 

The club also organized an advocacy program with the factory workers on gender equality and economic empowerment during the COVID-19 pandemic. The event hosted guest speakers, such as President Mahfuza Rashid and Past President Ztn. Salma Masud, who both spoke about the importance of gender equality in the workplace.

Thanks to the Zonta Club of Dhaka IV’s training program, Julekh and many other women now have the skills and opportunity to earn an income and increase their standard of living.