Zonta Club of Espoo-Kauniainen celebrates Ukrainian women and girls

Since the war in Ukraine, Finland has received thousands of refugees and helped them adapt to Finnish society and lifestyle. Women and girls have traveled kilometers to reach peaceful living circumstances without their loved ones or knowing what the future holds.

To celebrate the Ukrainian women and girls, the Zonta Club of Espoo-Kauniainen donated cosmetics and hygiene products on International Women's Day. The club specifically chose items that can be useful daily and bring joy and memories of their homeland. The club also donated new winter coats with matching scarves to teenage girls months earlier. The donations were made through Kaivo ry, a Finnish organization dedicated to helping Ukrainian refugees in Espoo City.

In Ukraine, women traditionally receive flowers and congratulations on their contributions to society on International Women's Day. The club hopes their small token of appreciation will be remembered as a welcome present to Finland and the unity of women helping each other through difficult situations because shared happiness is one of the best feelings. In this case, Ukrainian and Finnish women and girls were happy to share a happy moment on one of the dark days of the year.