Zonta Club of Makati and Environs Foundations Inc brings love and medical services to community

The Zonta Club of Makati and Environs Foundation Inc, the Philippines, had a busy month bringing love, medical services and fashion to its community.

Medical services
On 21 April, the club partnered with the Victory Church's "Love the City" extended medical services.

Through this partnership, the club and medical volunteers served 282 people with medical consultations and gynecological and pharmaceutical services. They also handed out hygiene kits.

Fashion line
The club collaborated with Yong Davalos, owner and designer of Yong Studio, to launch an inclusive fashion line called XYZ to bring light and fundraise for the club's services projects. From 25 April to June, customers can shop for a worthy cause.

Each letter of the fashion line was purposely chosen. The letter X symbolizes collaboration, Y represents Yong Davalos and Yong Studio, and Z represents the club.

Their partner
Yong Studio is a brand conceptualized and created to support women by providing a livelihood for skilled female workers as it gradually expands its operation. It is also a brand that believes in causes that are close to women's hearts, such as celebrating feminism and supporting sustainable business practices - both of which are the backbone on which the studio has set its course as a company and as a brand. These principles lead to creating a Filipina brand showcasing women's empowerment. The brand is more akin to a program, and Yong wanted to initiate a first-of-its-kind socially conscious line under the studio. By partnering and collaborating with a woman artist and the club, XYZ came to fruition.

The brand
XYZ represents the socially-conscious limited-edition collaboration developed to showcase Yong Studio and its long-term partnership with the club. Through the fundraising enterprise, Las FilipinaZ Inc will donate all its funds to projects such as the Marillac Hills Psychological Center for Sexually Abused Girls. Furthermore, 100% of profits from a limited-edition collection of art scarves will go to this charity of choice. Then, 30% of the profits will be donated from pieces of this season's XYZ collection.

As the studio offers a central line, this specific socially-conscious XYZ line will banner the brand's continued efforts to remain relevant, sustainable and essentially growth-centered for the many women and their families who depend on its continued success and patronage by a new breed of conscious shoppers who love fashion.

Behind the collection
Artist and philanthropist Melissa Yeung-Yap handpicked the best abstract patterns from her current artworks that could highlight her commitment to supporting communities of weavers of local Filipino fabric. She is devoted to utilizing these exquisite patterned weaves, such as Yakan and Abel and has integrated them concerning the traditions and preferences of the communities that make them. Her mixed media works have gained distinction not just for their aesthetic qualities but also for their significance in preserving and supporting such Filipino cultural traditions and treasures. She qualifies her style as modern contemporary art infused with indigenous cultural elements.

From this identifiable element of the collection, Yong designed a seasonally-appropriate resort collection and a full line, celebrating this concept. As with everything planned and produced for the Yong Studio brand, the line comes in inclusive sizes of US 2-16 and is created to be flattering and empowering for the discriminating women that choose to wear them.