Zonta Club of Nanaimo thanks Melinda Wilson for her efforts in preventing human trafficking

The Zonta Club of Nanaimo's, Canada, Club President Corrine Stewart recently received a letter from Melinda Wilson, a Chicago-based teacher passionate about raising awareness on human trafficking.

Back in March 2022, the club held an event on human trafficking. Later that week, Corrine came across a report about Melinda educating her students on the same topic and creating musicals centered around it. She also works with CNN, a major American news channel, to develop human trafficking PSAs.

Melinda's work deeply moved Corrine, and she sent her a letter to thank her for her efforts. Corrine received a reply from Melinda one year letter.

The letter goes:
" Dear Corinne and Cathy,

I just received your beautiful note. Thousands of [thank yous] for thinking of me and noticing our commitment on human trafficking awareness. It took approximately one year for me to receive your correspondence.

This year we just finished four shows with audiences from Chicago Public Schools in two days. I have attached some photos. I have also just spent choreographing a production with Her Story Theatre. Enclosed, please find the first review we received: https://www.aroundthetownchicago.com/theatre-reviews/mia-where-have-all-the-young-girls-gone-reviewed-by-julia-w-rath/.

I have also been in contact with the Cook County Investigators unit, who works with missing children and human trafficking victims. Please let me know if we can work together. Again, your note made my day!

It is indeed a small world. Thanks for all you are doing for Zonta, well done!"