Zonta Club of Santa Clarita Valley talks about community service and civic engagement at PLACE

Through its newly formed Golden Z Club at the College of Canyons (COC), USA, the Zonta Club of Santa Clarita Valley found new opportunities for advocacy to new audiences at PLACE.

In December, Dr. Patricia Robinson, the project leader of PLACE, selected the club as an outstanding organization to enlighten the participating PLACE project students about community service and civic engagement. A few club officers visited the COC Valentine campus to participate in PLACE. They met various faculty and student interns in the COC Media Entertainment studio to help produce a podcast and respond to questions from the students about Zonta’s mission, service and advocacy as related to community, belonging and well-being, which are sustainability goals of Los Angeles County.

For the past few years, and primarily through the restricted life during the COVID-19 pandemic, PLACE has provided students with a digital way to explore their local area through the eyes of multiple generations, getting to know its history and social strengths through the years. The project also participated in the Los Angeles County Strategic Plan’s Pandon Days 2022. COC’s contribution to Pando Days, entitled “Training the Next Generation,” has three goals:

  1. Resilient and healthy community environments where residents thrive in place.
  2. Buildings and Infrastructure that support human health and resilience.
  3. Equitable and sustainable land use and development without displacement.

The club was honored to be selected in this unique way to provide outreach and advocacy at the local community college. It gave them another platform to encourage students to join the newest and the only Golden Z Club in California. Apart from offering students a road map to practicing the ideals of Zonta, the new student club on campus has sparked interest and synergy for other aspects of student life.