Zonta e-Club of Lumières: the first e-club in France

One year ago, Zontians Marie-Anne Radek, Christine Mousset, Myriam chatel, Dominique Lefebvre and Marie Jouot sought to create the first e-club in France. Their hard work paid off as the SOM members recently celebrated the chartering of the Zonta e-Club of Lumières in May.


The formation of the e-club also had two inspiring and wonderful "godmothers":

  • Ghada Hatem, a gynecologist, founded the Maison des Femmes in the Paris area in 2016. Maison des Femmes is a global organization that provides a safe and unique place of care for women in difficulty or victims of violence.
  • Annick Billon, the first woman senator from Vendée, France. She is also a member of the delegation for women's rights and equal opportunities between men and women.

On Federator Day in December 2021, the future club members and the SOM members had their first in-person meeting at the Luxembourg Palace with Annick Billon.

To learn more, visit the e-club's website.