Zonta Club of Accra continues girls' education by donating pads

On 22 February, the Zonta Club of Accra, Ghana, made a generous donation of sanitary pads to 93 underprivileged female students from a school located in a disadvantaged area. This donation aims to help these students attend classes comfortably during their monthly menstrual cycle. Due to financial constraints, many students miss out on school due to the inability to afford sanitary pads. This donation is an effort to ensure that these students do not have to miss out on their education because of their financial situation.

The club provided the girls with a three-month provision of sanitary pads for use throughout the school term, ensuring they did not miss any classes during school. This action aligns with Zonta International's mission and vision, which acknowledges a woman's right as a human right and ensures that every woman can achieve her full potential.

This is the second time the club has made this donation. The club made its first donation in October, and they plan to continue the donation for as long as they can raise funds.

In addressing the students, Club President Clara Browne said, "These sanitary pads represent access to education, dignity, and empowerment. By providing these essential resources, we ensure you girls can attend school comfortably and confidently every day without fearing missing classes because it is that special time of the month."

A representative of the students thanked the club for embarking on this project, saying that it has allowed them to attend school throughout the term.