Student Clubs

Zonta International believes young people are critical to achieving gender equality and ending violence against women and girls around the world. To truly change the lives of women and girls globally now and for generations to come, we must invest in youth development and mentor young leaders for gender equality. Through the Z and Golden Z Club program, Zontians work to bring Zonta International’s mission to empower women through service and advocacy to students around the world and to stimulate new and meaningful student-led service and advocacy projects.

Z clubs are formed on secondary school campuses or in communities, and Golden Z clubs are formed on college and university campuses. These student clubs are designed to provide opportunities for young adults to develop communication and leadership skills, explore career alternatives, and increase their international awareness and understanding through service. Zonta clubs sponsor Z and Golden Z clubs, and provide students with the resources, information and guidance they need to improve the world around them. Z and Golden Z club students then plan, organize and participate in unique activities that give them hands-on experiences in improving the lives of others at both a local and international level.

We invite you to join this growing global movement of students working for gender equality and an end to violence against women and girls worldwide. Join or start a Z or Golden Z club today.




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