Club of Taipei II  empowers its community through scholarships

The Zonta Club of Taipei II, Republic of China (Taiwan), held its 6th scholarship award ceremony on 10 December to recognize 12 university students who have achieved outstanding academic performances and impressive volunteer work despite challenges in their own lives. 


The club selected the awardees in collaboration with the Excellent Long-Established University Consortium of Taiwan (ELECT), which comprises 12 private universities. One more university will be added to the group later this year.


The 2022 scholarship award took place at Shih Chien University, an ELECT member, with its president Michael Chen attending. Faculties from other ELECT universities and family members of some awardees also joined the ceremony.


The annual awards are made possible by the generous donation of US$100,000 from the late Lu Soong You-Tze, a philanthropist and mother of club member Lu Kwang-Yen, to help female students from complicated families.


Recipients of the scholarship are also the targets of recruitment of the Golden Z of New Dawn, which the club sponsors. One of this year’s awardees signed up to join the Golden Z Club after their presentation at the end of the ceremony. There are now 28 Golden Z club members, including four young men.