District 11 reminisces the biennium at their district conference

District 11 held a Reminiscing on Your Biennium roundtable at their district conference made up of some past governors. The past governors who participated in the session were:

  • Former District 11 Governor Regina Vett(1996-1998), current YWPA chair.
  • Former District 11 Governor Sarah Lee (1998-2000).
  • Former District 11 Governor Jane Adams (2010-2012).
  • Former District 3 Governor Margo Sheridan (2014-2016), current district treasurer.
  • Former District 11 Governor Charlene Rains (2016-2018), current historian and webmaster.

The moderator for the roundtable session was District Secretary Bernadette Gibson.


During the session, the 137 attendees learned some fascinating information about their district's last 22 years. For example, they discovered that hats, gloves and heels were once a part of the dress code for attending monthly meetings.