District 31 gifts holiday boxes to Ukrainian refugees in Poland

On 12 December, District 31, the Republic of China (Taiwan) and Mongolia, gifted holiday boxes containing groceries to Ukrainian refugees in Poland. Since the Russian invasion, District 31 has launched several activities to assist the refugees.  

"Zontians in Taiwan will sponsor two pre-Christmas giveaway events in collaboration with O'Farm in Krakow, Poland, to show love and care to those away from home, "said Chen-Ling Lien, the district's Foundation Ambassador. "The second giveaway was sent out on 22 December, which will go to 120 families."

Zonta members in Taiwan raised US$80,000 US dollars to provide meals, daily necessities and medical supplies to refugees and those suffering in Ukraine since the war started.

Chen-Ling visited the first refugee shelter in Lublin, Poland, in April to launch the district's relief efforts. Her daughter, Ava Wang, who is doing an internship in a Krakow hospital, is coordinating the subsequent relief work. The mother and daughter are both members of the Zonta Club of Taichung.

The donated fund has been allocated over the months to provide boxed meals and daily necessities to the refugees in Lublin and Krakow; most are women and children. Part of money was also used to finance refugee shelters and the purchase and delivery of medical supplies for several towns in Ukraine. For example, the district donated to the Sovereign Order of Malta to help acquire medical items for remote areas in Ukraine. Some money also went to the AKEDA foundation to assist in turning a church in Krakow into a shelter and to help deliver medical supplies and daily needs to devastated areas in Ukraine.

District 31's relief work would continue for several more months.