Zonta Club of Aparri celebrates United Nations Day to make the world a better place

The Zonta Club of Aparri, Philippines, celebrated United Nations Day with a hopeful message, to be one with the world to alleviate the pandemic and make it a better place. To commemorate the occasion, the club composed a poem:

"All around the world, the COVID-19 pandemic has crippled so many lives in so many ways. 
No island, no place was spared. 
And at this time when human race is threatened by an unseen nemesis, 
When everything is under utmost restrictions, 
When lives are claimed almost in a blink of an eye
When dreams are shattered in an instant,
When even menial jobs are hard to find and earning for a day's meal is a bliss,
Help is hard to come by."

The club envisions a life free from COVID-19 and dreams of a brighter day for everyone. They want to reach far and wide, despite geographic barriers, to help those in need.