Zonta Club of Helsinki III became Santa's little helpers

For many years, the Zonta Club of Helsinki III, Finland, celebrate Christmas time by having a Christmas dinner and exchanging presents. However, the club wanted to do something more this year.


The club found out about Helsinki ensikotiyhdistys, also known as the Helsinki First Home Association in English. Helsinki First home Association is an organization that provides a place for unhoused mothers and children to live after the birth of a child. The organization also provides an open service called Pesä, which means "nest" in English, is an interaction and substance abuse rehabilitation. The service targets families expecting a baby and families with a child under 3-years-old at the start of rehabilitation. 


In September, the club contacted Pesä to start preparing for Christmas and asked them for a list of children who are currently in the program. The list only had the children's age due to privacy protection. Despite the minor obstacle, the club can still wish the children a Merry Christmas by sending each a Christmas present and card.


At the club's October meeting, they decided each member would be responsible for a child at Pesä, and they would provide a Christmas present of no more than 20 euros by their next meeting. Then, the club handed the gifts to the Pesä staff. Unfortunately, they never got a chance to meet the families.


Until Pesä holds their Christmas celebration with the staff and the families in the office, the presents will be hidden away. The club is very thankful for the chance to be Santa's little helpers this year.