Zonta Club of Hervey Bay Inc talks about women in the workforce

Last month, motivated and interested women and students from Hervey Bay, Australia, took part in the Zonta Club of Hervey Bay Inc's Women and Careers Project. 

In response to Zonta International's goals related to the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) Goal no. 5 and the Queensland Women's Strategy 2022-2027 aim to ensure economic security for women, the club considered the location situation for women in terms of employment. They noted the number of job vacancies, especially in non-traditional careers and their region's high employment data.

In partnering with different industries, the club traveled with attendees to large, local worksites to participate in an afternoon of reflection, feedback and connection with local service providers. The feedback was collated into a report to address the issues raised through the project to identify enablers and barriers for women to enter the workforce, especially after a long period of non-engagement in paid employment.

The project received strongly positive feedback and outcomes for participants. It also provided vital evidence of factors for working women, including childcare accessibility, especially for those with disabilities, internet accessibility, computer skills and mentorship to build confidence. The positive support of community partners was clear, and they are now committed to cultural change in large non-traditional workplaces.

The club is thankful to the Department of Justice, Office of Women, Queensland Government and the support of partner industries who have made the project position.