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Rose Day


Rose Day, 8 March, is celebrated along with International Women's Day as a time to reflect and give tribute to the individuals who have empowered you or the women in your community.

Zonta’s annual Rose Day campaign will run through 8 March.

To donate, follow these easy steps:
1. Go to
2. Designate a gift amount and choose a fund.
3. Under the Honor/Memorial Tribute Information section, click the checkbox for Yes, this gift is an honor or memorial gift. Then click the checkbox for Yes, I would like to send an eCard and enter your recipient’s email address and your personal message and select your preferred eCard.
4. Enter your payment details.
5. Click the Submit button at the bottom of the page to process your donation.

If you prefer to mail your donation, download the donation form.

To have your honoree receive their tribute notification via postal mail instead of email, please submit your donation by 2 March.
For assistance, please contact the Zonta Foundation for Women at [email protected] or call +1 630-928-1400

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Your Present for the Future

The Zonta Foundation for Women invites you to join Zontians around the world in celebrating your special days with a present for the future!

Commemorate a birthday, anniversary or any other special occasion with a gift to the Zonta Foundation for Women’s Endowment Fund or Amelia Earhart Fellowship Endowment Fund.

Each gift supporting the Endowment Funds will ensure that Zonta will continue to have the necessary resources to meet uncertainties and carry forward programs and projects that will build a better world for women and girls for generations to come.

We look forward to celebrating with you!

Click the button below to make your present to the future
   My Present for the Future

Click to login and open a kit crafted to help you celebrate your special day!

Past Campaigns 

Amelia Earhart 85th Anniversary

Thank you for your generous support in celebrating Zonta’s longest standing program. In honor of the 85th anniversary of the Amelia Earhart Fellowship, US$293,367 supporting the Amelia Earhart Fellowship Fund and the Amelia Earhart Fellowship Endowment Fund was received in 2023. The impact of these gifts will reverberate through the lives of aspiring women who, inspired by Amelia Earhart’s pioneering spirit, will now have greater opportunities to pursue their dreams in aerospace engineering and space sciences. The Fellowship ensures that barriers are broken, horizons are expanded, and the legacy of Amelia Ear hart lives on.

Amelia Earhart 85th Anniversary

Every Member Every November

We thank every donor who who gave a gift during the Every Member Every November campaign. Your generosity allows us to build a better world for women and girls!

Support women and girls worldwide


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21 MARCH 2023

Zonta-supported project provides health care to more than 20,000 girls in Peru

In 2022, 37,426 adolescents (20,629 girls) received health care in Ucayali and Huancavelica. Read our recent update on Adolescent Girls' Health and Protection in Peru to learn more about the project and its achievements.


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