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Golden Z Club at Penn State Harrisburg donates to the Caitlin's Smiles Project

Posted on 2/14/2024
The Golden Z Club at Penn State Harrisburg, USA, showcased its commitment to community service by donating 150 coloring books and 288 boxes of crayons to the Caitlin's Smiles Project/

Zonta Club of Wellington livestreams their International Women's Day Breakfast

Posted on 2/6/2024
The Zonta Club of Wellington, New Zealand, plans to host a livestream of their International Women's Day Breakfast at Parliament.

Zonta Club of Makati and Environs inspires young women to embrace Amelia Earhart's spirit

Posted on 2/5/2024
The Zonta Club of Makati and Environs, Philippines, celebrated Amelia Earhart by inviting a special guest speaker, Josephine Santiago-Bond, NASA’s safety and mission assurance manager of the commercial crew.

Zontians in London celebrate 2023 Amelia Earhart Fellows

Posted on 1/30/2024
Zontians in London, England, started the new year by celebrating three new Amelia Earhart (AE) Fellows with five former AE Fellows, family members and guests.

Z Club Saint Sofia Next Generation celebrates Amelia Earhart Day and science entrepreneurship

Posted on 1/29/2024
The Z Club Saint Sofia Next Generation, Bulgaria, collaborated with the physics faculty at the Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski" to pay tribute to Amelia Earhart's courage, spirit and ambition by holding a lecture on science entrepreneurship.

Zonta Club of Parma invests in education to prevent violence

Posted on 1/28/2024
The Zonta Club of Parma, Italy, presented its Inspiring Women Award to six extraordinary young women and demonstrated the importance of investing in talent and excellence to prevent violence.

Bucharest Youth Z Club cleans city's central parks

Posted on 1/24/2024
The Bucharest Youth Z Club, Romania, made their city cleaner by cleaning up central parks

Zontians ends child marriage in the state of Washington

Posted on 1/23/2024
The Zonta clubs of North Puget Sound, South Puget Sound and Olympia, USA, met with Unchained at Last to Chain-in for a press event to support the passage of HB1455, the bill to end child marriage in the state of Washington.

Zonta Club of Ludington Area funds new oncology salon

Posted on 1/6/2024
The Zonta Club of Ludington Area, USA, helped fund a new oncology salon, which will help cancer patients with wig fittings, wigs and other personal needs.

Zonta Club of Vienna I holds charity event to support young refugee women

Posted on 1/5/2024
The Zonta Club of Vienna I, Austria, sponsored a project organizing a shared flat for young refugee women who had arrived in Austria unaccompanied as minors and as legal adults, had to leave the youth program.

Zonta Club of Cebu II celebrates the influence of women in community buildings

Posted on 1/4/2024
To highlight women's contribution to Mandaue City's development, the Zonta Club of Cebu II, Philippines, held a 10-day painting competition and exhibit with the theme, "A Landscape of Women Who Move Mandaue."

Golden Z member tutors about women's rights

Posted on 12/27/2023
Sharon Lo from the NPUST Golden Z Club, Taiwan, designed prize-winning quizzes to introduce Zonta International's development, mission and vision to her tutoring students in primary to senior high school.

Zonta Club of Engiadina does good and wins for the fourth year

Posted on 12/20/2023
The Zonta Club of Engiadina, Switzerland, sold advent calendars to support a children's playgroup and families with differently-abled children.

Zonta Club of Sofia says NOW during Zonta's 104th birthday

Posted on 12/19/2023
On 9 November, the Zonta Club of Sofia celebrated Zonta International's 104th birthday with more than 150 participants at the Bells Monument by saying NOW to gender-equal climate action.

Zonta Club of Taipei II awards scholarships and more

Posted on 12/17/2023
The Zonta Club of Taipei II, Taiwan, held its 7th scholarship award ceremony on 16 December to recognize 16 university female students who have achieved distinguished academic performances and impressive volunteer work despite challenges.

Zonta Club of Rockhampton Inc hosts successful high tea event

Posted on 12/4/2023
To celebrate their 40th anniversary, the Zonta Club of Rockhampton, Australia, held a high tea event at Victoria's Secret Garden function room.

Zonta e-Club of Roma Parioli creates is inclusive Zonta jewelry

Posted on 11/29/2023
The Zonta e-Club of Roma Parioli, Italy, funded the development of prototype jewelry to represent Zonta and create inclusive spaces for migrant workers.

Zonta Club of Kauai enjoys District 9 conference

Posted on 11/27/2023
Hawaii delegates from the District 9 and guests enjoyed a successful conference!

Zonta Club of Kankakee serves unhoused community promotes Zonta's visibility

Posted on 11/22/2023
The Zonta Club of Kankakee, USA, built a better world for women and girls in their community by providing food for the local unhoused community and donating a Christmas tree at the county museum.

Zonta Club of Alytus celebrates 25 years of activities

Posted on 11/21/2023
The Zonta Club of Alytus, Lithuania, celebrated 25 years of activities by supporting children with artistic talents and donating to Ukraine.

Zonta Club of Corvallis partners with local university athletics

Posted on 11/15/2023
Since 2019, the Zonta Club of Corvallis, USA, has partnered with Oregon State University Athletics to provide shuttle ticket sales to home football games as a club fundraiser for operations.

Zonta Club of Makati and Environs hosts FilipinaZ Living Art and more

Posted on 11/7/2023
The Zonta Club of Makati and Environs, Philippines, built a better world by celebrating UN Day with American diplomats and marking its 10th annual FilipinaZ fundraiser.

District 15 help to end child marriage in Michigan

Posted on 11/7/2023
District 15's Governor Cherie Johnson, past governors DeAnna Cambridge and Denise Sylvester, and Advocacy Co-Chair Denise Sylvester witnessed Governor Gretchen Whitmer sign the last bill in a 10-bill package to end child marriage in Michigan, USA.

Z Club of Lal-lo National High School collects A Penny for My Education

Posted on 11/6/2023
The Z Club of National Lal-lo National High School (LNHS), Philippines, raised funds for students who cannot afford to buy additional school supplies that they need daily through their A Penny for My Education initiative.

Zonta Club of Tuguegarao provides HugZ of Hope for pediatric patients

Posted on 11/3/2023
The Zonta Club of Tuguegarao, Philippines, hosted A Day of Giving HugZ of Hope event, where they raised funds to buy teddy bears that were given to pediatric patients.

Zonta e-Club of Queensland assembles birthing kits with students

Posted on 11/2/2023
The Zonta e-Club of Queensland, Australia, teamed up with their Golden Z club in-formation to assemble 200 birthing kits at the Griffith University Gold Coast Campus.

District 9 Zontians advocate against child marriage in California

Posted on 11/1/2023
Zontian Ela Pandya, the chair of the Coalition to End Child Marriage in California, along with other members of District 9, held a press conference at the Burbank City Hall to spread awareness that child marriages are allowed in California.

District 10 raises record donations to Zonta Foundation for Women at conference

Posted on 10/29/2023
District 10, USA, held their conference in Houston, Texas, where they welcomed Zonta leaders across the globe and donated more than US$90,000 to the Zonta Foundation for Women.

Zonta Club of Hague I addresses menstrual poverty through film and more

Posted on 10/27/2023
The Zonta Club of the Hague I, Netherlands, built a better world for women and girls with multiple actions addressing menstrual poverty and ending child marriage.

District 29 celebrates the Zonta Spirit at conference

Posted on 10/27/2023
At their conference, District 29, England, France, Germany, Guadeloupe, the Netherlands and Spain, had a wonderful weekend filled with the Zonta Spirit at Le Harve, France.

District 32 breaks donation record at conference

Posted on 10/26/2023
On 14 October, District 32, South Korea, hosted 186 Zontians from across the country at its conference. With their generous support, the district raised the highest-ever donation of US$78,356 to the Zonta Foundation for Women.

District 14 donates US$30,000 to the Zonta Foundation for Women at conference

Posted on 10/25/2023
On 13 October, District 14 commenced their conference with a traditional Heurigen evening in Vienna, where they donated US$30,000 to the Zonta Foundation for Women.

Zonta Club of Colombo II uplifts menstrual health and hygiene awareness

Posted on 10/19/2023
Realizing that more than 60% of menstruating women and girls lack access to affordable feminine hygiene products, the Zonta Club of Colombo II held various awareness presentations addressing period poverty awareness at four rural schools.

Zonta Club of Alytus takes gender-equal climate action and more

Posted on 10/19/2023
Through multiple actions, the Zonta Club of Alytus, Lithuania, took gender-equal climate action and spread happiness.

District 25 embraces diversity, equity and inclusion at their conference

Posted on 10/18/2023
At their conference, District 25, Bangladesh, India and Sri Lanka, renewed their firm commitment to women's empowerment and diversity, equity and inclusion, along with a pledge for gender-equal climate action.

Zontians from Taiwan and Nepal collaborate to build a better world for women and girls

Posted on 10/17/2023
District 31's, Taiwan, Governor Li-Chin Lin led a 10-member delegation to Nepal for a joint service project with the Zonta Club of Kathmandu to build a better world for women and girls.

Zonta Italy hosts conference for the condition of Afghan and Iranian women

Posted on 10/12/2023
Zonta Italy hosted a national conference entitled "Women on the Move for the Respect of Human Rights: The Condition of Women in Afghanistan and Iran."

Zonta Club of Kankakee kicks off National Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Posted on 10/3/2023
The Zonta Club of Kankakee, USA, kicked off National Domestic Violence Awareness Month at a farmer's market and engaged with their community about the issue's prevalence and Zonta's work in ending gender-based violence.

Zontian Julienne Morisseau speaks at United States Embassy in Paris, France

Posted on 10/1/2023
Zontian Julienne Morisseau from the Zonta Club of Paris Port Royal Concorde, France, was invited to speak at a conference workshop at the United States Embassy to convey the invisibility of women from diverse backgrounds within places of power.

Zonta Club of Colorado North Forty reports from District 12's conference

Posted on 9/28/2023
The Zonta Club of Colorado North Forty, USA, met with other Zontians at the District 12 conference, where they assembled bundles for sexual assault survivors, had an alien costume contest and more.

Zonta Club of Adelaide Torrens Says NOW with sustainable fashion

Posted on 9/28/2023
To engage women across four generations about sustainable fashion, the Zonta Club of Adelaide Torrens Inc, Australia, held two Camilla Louise fashion parades, with the most recent event held in August.

Zonta Club of Santa Clarita Valley holds Leadership Retreat for Z and Golden Z clubs

Posted on 9/26/2023
The Zonta Club of Santa Clarita Valley, USA, hosted students from three local Z and Golden Z clubs for a Leadership Retreat event at Canyon High School.

District 7 shares the Zonta Spirit at District Conference

Posted on 9/21/2023
Sharing the Zonta Spirit, Zontians from across District 7, USA, gathered at the 67th District Conference. They packed 30 "to-go" bags for local women's organizations in a group service project and raised US$7,500 for the Zonta Foundation for Women.

District 13 calls for women leadership for sustainable future at District Conference

Posted on 9/18/2023
District 13, Denmark, Iceland, Lithuania and Norway, held its District Conference to discuss the importance of women leadership for a sustainable future.

Zonta Club of Fort Bonifacio brings women's strength, resilience and empowerment through art

Posted on 9/18/2023
The Zonta Club of Fort Bonifacio, Philippines, held an art exhibit featuring the artistic interpretations of women artists on women's strength, resilience and empowerment.

District 23 shares a successful District Conference

Posted on 9/11/2023
Zontians in District 23 gathered for their 17th District Conference in Bunbury, Australia, to celebrate the Zonta Spirit.

Zonta Club of Tuguegarao helps breast feeding friends

Posted on 9/10/2023
To help newborn babies have a healthy start in life, the Zonta Club of Tuguegarao, Philippines, supports the Breast Feed Friends (BFF) group. BFF collects milk donations from lactating women and helps breastfeeding moms feed their babies.

Zonta Club of Cebu I recognizes top female scholars

Posted on 9/6/2023
The Zonta Club of Cebu I, Philippines, launched The Outstanding Public Public High School Graduates (TOP-HSG) project to help deserving female students pursue a college degree and create a better tomorrow.

Zonta Club of Bradford becomes ambassador to build a better community

Posted on 8/31/2023
The Zonta Club of Bradford, USA, was chosen as an ambassador for United Way of the Bradford Area's (UWBA) 2023 Stronger Together, Building a Better Community campaign.

Zonta Club of Palermo Triscele raises plastic pollution awareness

Posted on 8/23/2023
In collaboration with the Agesp company, the Zonta Club of Palermo Triscele, Italy, placed three plastic-eating fishes on local beaches that will collect plastic waste and raise awareness of plastic pollution in the sea.

Zonta Club of Bowen Inc races for gender equality

Posted on 8/21/2023
The Zonta Club of Bowen Inc, Australia, held a race to raise awareness of equality for women in sports and provide funds for projects to build a better world for women and girls.

Zonta Club of Hong Kong helps underprivileged families with e-learning

Posted on 8/18/2023
The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many schools do e-learning, which can be stressful for underprivileged families with no access to internet and digital devices. The Zonta Club of Hong Kong launched a service project to benefit these families.

Zonta Club of Pine Rivers Inc addresses older unhoused women in community

Posted on 8/18/2023
The Zonta Club of Pine Rivers Inc, Australia, teamed up with 15 other Zonta clubs in southeast Queensland to help older unhoused women.

Zonta Club of Hudson provides clean water for women

Posted on 8/16/2023
The Zonta Club of Hudson, USA, will collect shoes to donate to Water Step to provide clean water to villages and communities in need this fall.

Zonta Club of Alytus hikes for children and more

Posted on 8/15/2023
The Zonta Club of Alytus, Lithuania, participated in multiple events to build a better world for its community.

Zonta Club of Christchurch-Canterbury holds Winter Christmas Trail

Posted on 8/11/2023
On 25 June, the Zonta Club of Christchurch-Canterbury, New Zealand, took part in the Winter Christmas Trail, a self-drive tour to see the festive holiday decorations of participating homes.

Zonta Club of Makati and Environs hosts scholarship recipients workshop

Posted on 8/4/2023
To help university students search for jobs after graduation, the Zonta Club of Makati and Environs, Philippines, held a Presence and Presentation Skills workshop and more.

Zonta Club of Alytus provides graduation dresses

Posted on 7/23/2023
The Zonta Club of Alytus, Lithuania, paid for the dress rentals of three locals who had recently graduated from high school.

Zonta clubs promote Zonta and UN Women partnership

Posted on 7/15/2023
The Zonta Club of Palermo Triscele, Italy, and the Zonta Club of Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland, organized an event to celebrate the partnership between Zonta International and the UN.

Captain Shreve High School Z Club holds carnival for good

Posted on 7/12/2023
The Captain Shreve High School Z Club, USA, raised thousands of dollars to help two local families with mounting medical bills after learning about their situations.

2019 Women in Tech Scholar receives national recognition

Posted on 7/11/2023
The Zonta Club of Alytus, Lithuania, is pleased to announce that the 2019 Women in Technology Scholar Kristina Dūdonytė was recently awarded the Order of the Grand Duke Gediminas medal for her services to Lithuania.

Golden Z clubs in Kowloon bring love and food to community

Posted on 7/11/2023
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Lingnan University and Hong Kong Nang Yan College of Higher Education Golden Z clubs launched their Community Meal Giving Project.

Zonta Club of Makati and Environs hosts art exhibit for abused girls

Posted on 7/6/2023
The Zonta Club of Makati and Environs, the Philippines, hosted "The Art of Healing" art exhibit to showcase the healing process and women's strength.

Californian Zontians advocate to end child marriage

Posted on 7/2/2023
Realizing that child marriages are still happening in California, the Zontians Beth Heiserman and Ela Pandya joined a "chained-in" event at their state capitol to urge their state to outlaw child brides finally.

Zonta Club of Central Tuguegarao celebrates Pride Month

Posted on 6/30/2023
The Zonta Club of Central Tuguegarao, the Philippines, joined other like-minded organizations to public celebrate Pride Month and recognize the impact that the LGBTQIA+ community has on local and international history with multiple events.

Zonta Club of Bendigo hosts Women's Flood Recovery luncheon

Posted on 6/26/2023
On 23 June, the Zonta Club of Bendigo Inc, Australia, hosted a Women's Flood Recovery luncheon that brought together 100 women from the flood-ravaged community in the nearby town of Rochester.

Zonta Club of Dhaka IV leads youth engagement on plastic pollution

Posted on 6/25/2023
The Zonta Club of Dhaka IV, Bangladesh, partnered with EnvAction as an advocate for the Youth Engagement and Policy Action Framework on Plastic Pollution Campaign.

Zonta Club of Lucerne sells handbags for women in need

Posted on 6/22/2023
The Zonta Club of Lucerne, Switzerland, organized a used handbag sale at the Bourbaki Panorama, where all proceeds will help local women in need.

Zonta Club of Tuguegarao plants trees for Mother Nature

Posted on 6/21/2023
Under the leadership of Club President Maria Olivia B. Pascual, many of the Zonta Club of Tuguegarao's, Philippines, initiatives center around ending climate change alongside government and environmental agencies.

Zonta Club of Asti brings local female chess team to championship

Posted on 6/21/2023
In collaboration with other like-minded organizations, the Zonta Club of Asti, Italy, supported a local female chess team to help them participate in the National Chess Championship in Montesilvano.

Zonta Club of Alytus celebrates their community

Posted on 6/19/2023
The Zonta Club of Alytus, Lithuania, built a better world for women and girls in their community with numerous club actions.

Zonta Club of Colombo II spreads awareness of breast cancer

Posted on 6/18/2023
The Zonta Club of Colombo II, Sri Lanka, launched its Breast Cancer Comfort Cushion Project initiative to help breast cancer patients recover in comfort post-surgery.

Zonta Club of Kauai Awards US$15,500 in Scholarships

Posted on 6/17/2023
The club aims to build a better world for women and girls in their community by fundraising throughout the year, working community events and writing grants to provide these scholarships.

Zonta Club of Nepean Valley Inc produces 1,000 birthing kits

Posted on 6/8/2023
The Zonta Club of Nepean Valley Inc, Australia, held its annual Birthing Kits Assembly Day, producing 1,000 birthing kits for women in need.

Zonta Club of Makati and Environs sells items for sexual assault survivors

Posted on 6/6/2023
The Zonta Club of Makati and Environs, Philippines, recently held a successful vintage fair where they sold preloved clothes and accessories to raise funds for their various projects to empower women and girls.

Zontian Germaine Gibian receives 2023 Community Impact Honoree

Posted on 5/30/2023
Germaine Gibian, a club member of the Zonta Club of Cleveland, USA, was recognized as the 2023 Community Impact Honoree at Rainey Institute’s annual fundraiser.

Zonta Club of Alytus continues First Lady Alma's work

Posted on 5/29/2023
In loving memory of Alma Adamkienė, a former First Lady of Lithuania, the Zonta Club of Alytus continues Alma's philanthropic idea of supporting Lithuania children through education, health and welfare.

Zonta Club of Metro Iloilo says think before you click

Posted on 5/25/2023
To raise awareness of the Online Sexual Exploitation of Children (OSEC), the Zonta Club of Metro Iloilo, the Philippines, held a Think Before You Click discussion with the Philippines Pediatric Society.

Newly-chartered Zonta Club of Pingtung Homeland hosts its first activity

Posted on 5/25/2023
The Zonta Club of Pingtung Homeland, Republic of China (Taiwan), hosted its first activity at a scenery farmhouse and donated toys to the school children in the Aboriginal tribe area.

Love in every stitch: Zontian Kiwis knit for Ukraine

Posted on 5/24/2023
Through the Swiss Foundation for Mine Action, the Zonta Club of Waimakariri, New Zealand, presented a veritable feast of color and patterns in pure woolen garments and blankets to Ukraine.

Zonta Club of Muntinlupa and Environs Foundation Inc pampers women

Posted on 5/23/2023
The Zonta Club of Muntinlupa and Environs Foundation Inc, the Philippines, celebrated Women's Month by address women's health and wellness.

Zonta e-Club of New York 1 sews rice heating bags for cancer patients

Posted on 5/22/2023
The Zonta e-Club of New York I, USA, gathered to sew rice heating bags and sent them to cancer treatment centers in hopes of providing comfort and care to the patients.

Zonta Club of Springfield, OH provides memories for mothers, daughters

Posted on 5/22/2023
The Zonta Club of Springfield, OH, USA, recently empowered its community with art and a scholarship.

Zonta Club of Fredericksburg celebrates local students' achievements

Posted on 5/18/2023
On 15 May, the Zonta Club of Fredericksburg, USA, held its annual Scholarship Banquet to celebrate 10 young women for their academic and personal achievements.

Zonta Club of Wangaratta builds better men at breakfast

Posted on 5/18/2023
Following the continued success of its annual Girls' Breakfast, the Zonta Club of Wangaratta, Australia, held the inaugural Boys' Career Breakfast, which aims to bring boys and men into the conversation on gender equality.

Zonta Club of Colombo III holds beach cleanup on World Ocean Day

Posted on 5/15/2023
In commemorating World Ocean Day, the Zonta Club of Colombo III, Sri Lanka, organized a beach cleanup at Dehiwala Beach, one of the country's most polluted beaches.

Zonta Club of Christchurch South celebrates young athletes

Posted on 5/15/2023
For 33 years, the Zonta Club of Christchurch South, New Zealand, has held its Zonta Sports Award to celebrate the local high school athletes' achievements.

O'Connor Catholic College Z Club celebrates 10th year anniversary

Posted on 5/14/2023
Since its establishment, the student club has undertaken projects that build a better world for girls and women, such as packing birthing kits distributed internationally, putting together emergency toiletry bags distributed locally, sewing and stuff

Zonta Club of Alytus brings love and joy to senior home with music

Posted on 5/11/2023
The Zonta Club of Alytus, Lithuania, revisited the residents of the Rumboniai parish retirement home with music with Audronė Venckūnienė, a teacher at the Alytus School of Music.

Zonta Club of Brampton-Caledon presents at Canadian House of Commons

Posted on 5/8/2023
Zontian Kathleen Douglass was recently invited to appear as an expert witness to testify to the Canadian House of Commons Status of Women Committee on human trafficking of women, girls and gender-diverse individuals.

Zonta Club of Newport holds a successful Lunafest

Posted on 5/5/2023
On 1 April 1, the Zonta Club of Newport Harbor, USA, held its most successful fundraising Lunafest. With more than 150 attendees, they raised more than US $31,000.

Zonta Club of Rome I brings the magic of Amelia Earhart to community

Posted on 5/1/2023
On 25 March, the Zonta Club of Rome 1, Italy, organized a seminar to celebrate Amelia Earhart's legacy at the Urbe Airport, where she landed in 1932.

Zonta Club of Kauai's Denim Day Proclamation

Posted on 4/29/2023
The Zonta Club of Kauai, USA, brings awareness of Denim Day to their community with a proclamation.

Zonta Club of Central Tuguegarao welcomes new club

Posted on 4/29/2023
On 29 April, the Zonta Club of Central Tuguegarao held a Sponsoring, Organizing and Mentoring (SOM) orientation to prepare 23 future Zontians for their formal chartering as the Zonta Club of Quirino.

Zonta clubs of Stockholm and Lidingo meet Minister for Gender Equality

Posted on 4/27/2023
The Zonta clubs of Stockholm and Lidingo, Sweden, arranged a big event in Hartwickska huset to meet and celebrate Sweden's new Minister for Gender Equality, Paulina Brandberg.

District 31 and Zonta Club of Kathmandu partner for a cross-cultural and boundary service project

Posted on 4/25/2023
District 31, Taiwan and Mongolia, partnered with the Zonta Club of Kathmandu, Nepal, to launch a joint service project to empower women and girls in Masine, a village outside the Nepalese capital.

Zonta Club of Makati and Environs Foundations Inc brings love and medical services to community

Posted on 4/25/2023
The Zonta Club of Makati and Environs Foundation Inc, the Philippines, had a busy month bringing love, medical services and fashion to its community.

Zonta Club of Boulder County collects diapers and sanitary products

Posted on 4/21/2023
The Zonta Club of Boulder County, USA, built a better world for women and girls in their community with multiple action such as collecting diapers and sanitary products and holding a fundraising talent show.

Zonta Club of Espoo-Kauniainen celebrates Ukrainian women and girls

Posted on 4/20/2023
On International Women's Day, the Zonta Club of Espoo-Kauniainen, Finland, donated cosmetics and hygiene products to Ukrainian women and girls.

Zonta Club of Oswego charters Golden Z Club of SUNY Oswego

Posted on 4/15/2023
The Zonta Club of Oswego, USA, recently held a ceremony at the Oswego Country Club to charter the new Golden Z Club at SUNY Oswego.

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